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It is an immersive scenic piece that articulates:

Performance art, Dance, Theater and New Technologies.



Is an encounter with the real still possible?

We all had the right to feel like artists. Now we have the obligation to be artists, producers of ourselves.

"Every human being has to take an aesthetic responsibility for their appearance in the eyes of the world, for their own design."

Mariana. Manuel. Lucía. Matías. None of their lives has anything unique or remarkable. They should embellish it with a lot of fiction to make it a more or less effective biodrama…

Although not all of us produce plays, we are all a play.

And every play inevitably belongs to a market.

A tank in a WWII museum fires up its engines and returns to battle on the Ukraine-Russia borders. It seems that history has become a loop.

Is a museum pedestal a military base? Is it time itself that runs backwards today? Did someone take away its speed and thrust, and force it to move in circles?

History has invaded the hyper contemporary.



“If you want to be liberated, surprised and amazed, I highly recommend this show of images, sounds and bodies. It is an amazing invitation to do an internal and collective analysis. It brings doubt and confusion, and consequently makes us understand that it is okay to have these feelings… as long as we are willing to jump into the void.”


“…With a very striking and innovative proposal, the Director manages to reach and fully involve all viewers. It consists of the corporeality and shaping of four performers (Mariana Cinat, Lucía Cuesta, Manuel Pallero and Matías Viera). Whether it is dance, falls, synchronization of movements, the use of limbs and vocalizations, the resources are set in motion and develop the narrative with an internal motivation worthy of being admired.”


“Connections between other bodies. Appropriate lives in the world’s virtuality. The social networks corrupt us; they generate the bodily and emotional transmutation of all of us. It only takes a swipe of the finger on the accusing screen for it to take effect.”



"A unique and beautiful experience. Recommended for its innovative proposal in terms of the staging… made only with lights, projections and mapping. A bet on super dynamic and captivating "light scenery".

The text and the story suck you into a parallel universe as immersive as it is chilling. A psychedelic epic that reflects the cybernetic reality in which we are all trapped, but from which we sometimes manage to get out, at times, with works like this."


"I found the staging super interesting. It dialogues with an exquisite technique that is not seen here."


"Excellent show, an innovative and interesting proposal. It invites us to reflect on how we currently live and how we relate to other people. I left with questions and thinking. Thank you for bringing culture!"


"Wooooow, wooow, wooow!

Nothing left to chance and everything spectacular, the performances, the choreography, the music, the lighting and above all the message. You go crazy, it’s a must-see!"


"Excellent dance theater work that combines lights, sounds and images that make you live a phenomenal sensory and visual journey!"


"Beautiful staging, incredible dancers with a mapping that fits perfectly, highly recommended."


"Excellent work that takes you inside yourself and questions life itself. Great trip!"


"Unmissable immersive experience! You enter another world/galaxy/dimension, which, at the same time, has so many synchronies with the world we inhabit! Spectacular staging and body power of the performers."



Intérpretes (por orden alfabético):

Mariana Cinat, Lucía Cuesta, Martín Dodera, Manuel Pallero, Matías Viera

Coreografía (por orden alfabético):

Mariana Cinat, Lucía Cuesta, Manuel Pallero, Carla Rimola, Matías Viera

Dirección coreográfica: Carla Rimola y Lucio Bazzalo

Música original compuesta e interpretada por: Sebastián Morell

Diseño y realización de visuales e iluminación: Lucio Bazzalo

Diseño de vestuario: Daniela Chihuailaf

Asistente de vestuario: Flavia Chihuailaf

Make up: Bárbara Majnemer

Peinado: Bea Belaustegui

Producción técnica: Lucio Bazzalo

Colaboración técnica: Ana Heilpern, Martín Dodera, Manuel Benavidez

Operación técnica: Manuel Benavidez; Camilo Ortiz; Ian Sadowskiy

Comunicación y prensa: Mutuverría PR

Producción: Mariana Cinat y Lucio Bazzalo

Dramaturgia y dirección: Lucio Bazzalo


Duración: 70 minutos

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