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By @luchobaz & @marianacinat

It is a happening about "human downgrading" that links Performance, Dance and technology.

Renders of sterilized avatars, bodies full of microplastics and a primate are immersed in the algorithmic womb with the attempt to recover the value of the old human machines, scrap of ancient technology of absolute flesh in the era of AI and new tech.



Lucio Bazzalo and Mariana Cinat

Original music and DJ

Sebastian Morell


Mariana Cinat, Carla Di Grazia, Nickytuns, Gastón Sánchez

Visual Artist and direction

Lucio Bazzalo

Set design and props: Tania Scofano
Costumes: María de Concepción

Technical collaboration in visual arts: Camilo Ortiz, Manuel Benavidez.
Make Up: Barbara Majnemer


Artistic direction

Gonzalo Solimano

stage programmers

Roni Isola  Sofi Fernández


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