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Interdisciplinary Artist. The object of his work focuses on the possible intersections between performance, dance, theater, audiovisuals and what is known as new technologies.

Born into a family of theater artists. He dedicated the foundations of his training to acting, cinematography, graphic design, contemporary dance, theater, and new technologies. At 13 years old he had already made his first website and had participated as an actor in theater and television.

He participated artistically in numerous international festivals. Art and performance biennials. Official, commercial and independent theaters. From 2015 to present. He directs and produces his own projects and in collaboration with other artists locally and internationally. He also designs his own lighting and image devices that he uses in works, performances and installations.

She received the outstanding Maria Guerrero award in 2023 for her work as an Artist in "Audiovisual Production/Multimedia."

He currently directs STASIS, ACCESS TO THE TANGIBLE, PÚPURA, BOTS, BIRDLAND (By Simons Stephens).

* Best Audiovisual/Multimedia artist 2023 (María Guerrero Award)

* Winner of the Performative Activities Contest of the National Theater Institute.

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